Ethics Helpline

An important innovation in detecting labor violations is a local helpline number listed on the Standards for Suppliers poster. Workers may call this number, which connects them to a third-party service provider with local language capabilities in over 140 languages. Calls may be made anonymously. Information detailed through these calls is then communicated to Wal-Mart's Global Ethics Office for investigation by Ethical Standards. Investigation findings are communicated by Ethical Standards to the Global Ethics Office. The third-party service provider is also notified of the status of the case (active or closed) in the event the caller follows-up about the case.

For more information about the Wal-Mart Global Ethics Office and Global Ethics Helpline, including contact information, please visit Global Ethics Office.

Please note: Wal-Mart does not own, operate, or manage any factories.


Facts and Figures

The most frequent concerns expressed to Wal-Mart pertain to freedom of association, failure to pay minimum wage/applicable wage, failure to pay legally required overtime premium, and forced overtime.